The Produce Show took place on Saturday 1st September.

As the doors opened the village Hall soon became a buzz of activity as entrants arrived laden with colourful produce carefully displayed and delicious home cooked items. The children’s works of art were proudly put in the right class and the results were eagerly awaited.

Over lunchtime the judges pondered and deliberated over the offerings in front of them and the results were compiled. In the afternoon as the doors reopened the competitors returned to see how they had done.

Teas were available, and a sociable time was enjoyed while the results were tallied.

Entrants for this years Kitchen garden. Stella Graham won the Tom Carrick cup for the Kitchen garden.

Entrants for the flower section. The Bromfield Parish cup for flowers was won by Linda Wood


Entrants for the children’s class. Blencogo village hall Children’s Trophy was won by Anna Harrison.

Blencogo and District Produce Show 2018

The results were as follows:

Bromfield parish cup, for flowers

1st   Linda Wood

2nd  Jeff Downham

3rd    Judith Wood

Harry Douglas fuchsia plaque

Linda Wood

Tom Carrick Cup for kitchen garden

1st    Stella Graham

2nd Maisie and James

3rd Michael Tiffen

Ferguson Salver, for bakery

1st    Liz Cozens

2nd  Sophie Ferguson

3rd   Lynn Downham

Bromfield PCC Cup, for handicrafts, St Mungos

1st    Stella Graham joint with Janet Stukins

2nd   Nick Wood

Blencogo Village Hall Trophy, for Children

1st  Anna Harrison

2nd  Isobelle Harrison

3rd      Joint:  Amelia Benson and Philippa Harrison

High Aketon Trophy, for most points in show

Linda Wood


The winner of the Produce Show quiz, kindly organised by Mary Douglas were

WINNERS – Ron Graham and Eileen Rees

Runner up – drawn from a hat of 9 entrants with one incorrect answer

Joy Potter and Stella Graham

Food and Drink

  1. Dessert with legumes (5,7) PEASE PUDDING
  2. Rainbow fish? (5) TROUT
  3. Regal dessert (5,2,8) QUEEN OF PUDDINGS
  4. How old a taxi is? (7) CABBAGE
  5. You could burn yourself on this. (6) HOT POT
  6. Seaport has lost its water. (5) LIVER
  7. Change map around. (9) CHAMPAGNE
  8. A motto in disguise. (6)TOMATO
  9. What is small, red and unable to speak? (11) HORSERADISH
  10. 60’s rock band. (5) CREAM
  11. A salad leaf for bonfire night? (6) ROCKET
  12. Endless wading bird? (6) BITTER
  13. Cool cheat could become this.(9) CHOCOLATE
  14. Mother could? (7) MARMITE
  15. A small bird goes to the toilet. (5,4) CHICK PEA
  16. Nat King’s legislation? (8) COLESLAW
  17. Zero survive. (5) OLIVE

18.Joy in Istanbul. (7,7) TURKISH DELIGHT

  1. Rapid alien (7) BRISKET
  2. Dollars are effervescent. (5,4) BUCKS FIZZ


  1. An evergreen drink (11) ELDERFLOWER
  2. Thy chain (anag) (8) HYACINTH
  3. I have my eyes on this girl (4) IRIS
  4. The lady is never idle. (4,6) BUSY LIZZIE
  5. A crawler from an American state. (8,7) VIRGINIA CREEPER
  6. A plant that saves? (6) THRIFT
  7. Midas’s fishing tackle? (9) GOLDEN ROD
  8. Take a picture of a fearsome creature. (10) SNAPDRAGON
  9. Capital satisfaction (6,5) LONDON PRIDE
  10. Some with a temperature.(8) FEVRFEW
  11. A foggy romance. (4,2,1,4)LOVE IN A MIST
  12. Might be found in the zoo.(6,6) MONKEY FLOWER or PUZZLE
  13. A holy man’s headwear (7,3) BISHOPS HAT or CAP
  14. Perhaps a golden child? (6) ORCHID
  15. Wedding colour. (8) MARIGOLD
  16. Age I quail (anag) (9) AQUILEGA
  17. A very proper flower (8) PRIMROSE
  18. Sea creature belonging to king? (8,4) SOLOMON’S SEAL
  19. Transport for newborn? (10) STORKSBILL
  20. Bill sounds like nice fellow. (5,7) SWEET WILLIAM

Grand Draw 2018

1 £50 cash Barbara Stoddart c/o Janet Sharp
2 Voucher for meal at the Wheatsheaf, Abbeytown kindly donated by Paul Harrison Katie Wills
3 Cumbrian Food hamper including voucher kindly donated by Cranstons Gary Bickley


To finish the day off there was an auction of the produce by Adrian Cozens

Total income from the event was £1056.90 less expenses of £318 Total profit for the hall and funds £738.90

A great day had by all however only possible with the generous support of all the competitors, judges and participants of the show as well as Bromfield PC for financial support and to the “staff’ who worked so hard to make the day a success.

It is proposed that new for 2019 there will be a new children’s cup for up to and including 7 year olds as well as the Blencogo Village Hall cup for 8 -14 year olds.

Many thanks

Judith Wood and Linda Wood