Let us know what you have to swap. A service you’re looking for or something you have to offer

Do you need something doing? Can you offer a service in return?

Welcome to Barter Town! Blencogo Trading is the place to offer those services. We’re not making any guarantees and it’s up to you to agree the deal with your fellow trader – but if your willing to barter and swap services this is the place to do it.

If you have a service to add to the list then drop us an email or contact us through the form at the bottom of the page

IT and Computer Training

I Offer: I can come and fix your computers, teach you about the internet, connect up your devices – Ipads, phones, tablets etc – and show you how to use them and help you with Broadband and Mobile phone issues.

I want: a hand with our garden

Swap: I’m willing to swap an hour of my time for an hour of your time.

Contact: David Jeffries at Blencogo Farm on 016973 61066

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