Blencogo Village Hall is, along with St Mungo’s Church and The Greyhound pub, one of only three community hubs that remain in the parish of Bromfield. The lease (with the Church of England) has just 7 years remaining and the time has come to consider renewal for a further period of up to 25 years.

The Village Hall is home to a number of groups including:

  • Art Group
  • Waver Wine Circle
  • Dundraw WI
  • Gardening Club
  • Indoor bowls
  • Parish Council

It is also used on an ad-hoc basis for parties and other one off events (e.g. Carnival, polling station, food evenings etc.) The Village Hall Committee is responsible for and maintains the children’s play area, picnic space and sports field. Some of you will have attended the regular annual events such as the Pensioner’s lunch, Produce Show, Bonfire night etc. which are provided free of charge.

The vision of the VH Committee is to try to provide opportunities for people to meet regularly to help build a sense of Community and at a reasonable cost. In order to keep charges low a number of events throughout the year also act as fund raisers. Generally these events (quiz, curry, pudding, race night etc.) are not well supported by local people and we are struggling to fund the on-going costs of maintenance and keep the use of the hall affordable. The Parish Council kindly already funds the annual insurance premium.

Please come to this meeting as we are seeking your views on the following:

  1. Should the Committee enter negotiations to extend the lease of the Village Hall?
  2. If it should, more volunteers are needed to help support the events that run through the year – would you be willing to volunteer for specific events or join the committee?
  3. What can be done to encourage greater engagement with the events that are put on so that more people come? (e.g. type of events, where advertised etc.)
  4. What else can be done or done differently? 

At present the burden falls on a few people who support the Village Hall and this is not sustainable looking into the future.

Please come and give us your views and support, the future of the Village Hall depends upon it.